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QAC 1250: 1 MW generator in a standard 20 foot container


The QAC 1250 is Atlas Copco’s first 1 MW generating unit. This dual frequency unit delivers up to 1450 kVA / 1150 kW of prime power and fits in the same box as the well-known and successful QAC 1000 model. The standard model is fully equipped with features normally seen as options such as the Qc4002 controller for paralleling, dual frequency, coolant heater, battery charger, automatic fuel transfer system, air inlet shut down valve, spark arrestor, as well as heavy-duty protection for the engine, alternator and electrical system. It is ideal for events, temporary power generation in remote locations, construction sites, mining, refineries, and heavy-duty standby power. It is supplied in a standard 20-foot ISO CSC container for easy, fast and safe installation and transportation, so is particularly suitable for the rental industry.

Customer benefits

  • Low fuel consumption – The QAC 1250 is equipped with an electric VSD (variable speed) motor-driven cooling fan which ensures optimized fuel consumption.
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions – A built-in engine coolant heater ensures quick and easy start-up in cold conditions, while a variable speed electric cooling fan allows continu­ous operation in higher temperature environments, such as deserts.
  • Low noise levels – With its 67 dB(A) at 7 meters, the QAC 1250 is the best choice for sensitive areas.
  • Standard parallel package – The QAC 1250 can run alone or in parallel with other equal or different generators either in island mode or PMS (power management system), or in parallel with mains, peak shaving, fixed power and AMF.
  • State-of-the-art control system – The Atlas Copco Qc 4002™ control panel includes an LCD screen with numerous read-outs, warnings and shutdowns – all displayed in various local languages.
  • Superior service accessibility – Large access doors and several service tools make for effortless maintenance, increasing your up-time.

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